Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have been distracted by errands, appointments and life in general the last few days, I haven't made it in the tiny room to print anything. I get a funny feeling like I've forgotten something important when I don't get a chance to make anything for a week or so. Uncomfortable.

I had to dig out my old work and do some packing. I haven't been keeping any records, organizing anything or even properly putting it up editions when I'm done. I found some damaged works and lost a few things.

I have a hard time with storing finished work. I always prepare some for selling or showing and the rest of the edition gets shoved into a flat file drawer.

It's the drawer shaped equivalent to that warehouse from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

It's hard to clean it up too. I always get immediately distracted by old prints and start just looking at them and sometimes making new notes or drawings instead of efficiently wrapping them up and putting them away carefully.

On that note, I did find a tiny (2 x 2) dry point with chine colle series I totally forgot about.

 I love drypoints, I usually do them on scraps of plexiglas. I use chine colle, usually silk tissue, single ply thai unryu or daphne for crisp line and to add some texture/interest. I have literally hundreds of plates and keep all my off cuts (and any others I can find in the bin) of good cotton paper.

It's a great brain massage to just draw out a few ideas, soak a little paper and run them through the press for a relaxing couple hours.

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