Sunday, November 20, 2011

Started a new linoleum reduction print, its a seeing-eye-hand-bed-of-lotus thing. I only got the first layer printed before I had to stop for a couple days, hopefully the ink will still be permeable enough for the successive layers to turn out okay when I get back to the press.

The ink color is a mix of Quinacridone Red & Carbazole Violet in a large portion of Transparent Base. All are Lithography Inks made by Daniel Smith, the Carbazole Violet is no longer made unfortunately. Exceptionally  good stuff. Strong color and if you keep them transparent they really glow, especially Quinacridone Red. 

I like using lithography inks but, any good artist ink works really, you have to play with the ink body and most people throw up their hands after a while.  

Anyway, it's looking good so far and I hope the later reductions go smoothly. Lots of chances to screw it up when cutting the same block over and over. 

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